Countdown for Webrazzi Summit 2014 has started with exceptional early bird discount

webrazzi_summit_buyukWebrazzi Summit, one of Turkey’s and the region’s most influential internet and tech conferences, will be held in Swissotel The Bosphorus Istanbul on 25th of September, 2014. The conference will host more than 1500 attendees including nearly 80 speakers from the leading companies and institutions shaping the digital ecosystem in the world.

Webrazzi Summit 2014 will cover again a wide range of topics under internet and tech business, including digital marketing, social media, e-commerce, venture capital, angel investment, online gaming, mobile apps and more, where you will be at the heart of internet industry with keynote and parallel sessions during the day.

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European e-commerce grew 16% to €363B in 2013, expected to double by 2016

e-commerce-creditE-commerce volume in Europe grew by a stunning 16.3% to reach €363.3 billion in 2013 despite still sluggish recovery from the economic crisis. The growth in EU28 (the European countries that are part of the European Union) had been slightly behind non-EU Europeans with 15%. The number of B2C websites have grown to 650,000 at the end of 2013, promising further growth of 15 to 20% a year in upcoming years.

The growth trend is expected to continue this year, bringing the total e-commerce volume to around €425 billion. According to the European B2C E-Commerce Report 2014 released last week during Global E-Commerce Summit, the volume will reach at least €625 billion by the end of 2016. It also says that the share of the European internet economy in overall European GDP, that is the eGDP Index, is 2.2% now, and it’s expected to double by 2016 and triple by 2020.

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Online saves the day in German advertising sector

german-ads-deThe advertising sector in Germany, the biggest economy in Europe, is giving signs of recovery after two years of shrinkage in spendings. Zentralverband der deutschen Werbewirtschaft (ZAW) predicts that the total spendings on ads will rise more than 2% in 2014, whereas eMarketer says the growth will near 9%. The relief will mainly come from more than 9% growth in online and mobile advertising and above average rise in TV ads.

The total ad spending measured by source declined by 3.2% in 2012 and 1.7% last year (compared to previous years). However, the spendings on online and mobile advertising helped to keep the contraction to the minimum, with 6.5% and 9:3% growth in two consecutive years whereas the figures in printed media have dropped by nearly 9%.

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Viber hits 100M concurrent online users

viberPopular voice and messaging app Viber which was recently acquired by Japanese internet giant Rakuten announced today that it has now more than 100 million active users. Refurbished shortly after the $900 million acquisition, the Cyprus-based company said it has now over 300 million users in 193 countries.

Viber also announced the milestone simultaneously with the release of a new version of Viber Desktop. New product comes with improved video quality and performance, a different look and new features including popular emoticons docked to the side of the app. Spanish and Portuguese are also added to the existing user languages English and Japanese.

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Socialbakers grows stronger in Facebook analytics via the acquisition of EdgeRank Checker

logo-socialbakersSocialbakers, a leading social media analytics and optimization company, announced that it acquires Chicago-based EdgeRank Checker, a provider of social analytics for Facebook’s News Feed. The acquisition, which follows the $26 million Series C funding received from Index Ventures, is expected to bolster Czech-based company’s global position by adding ERC’s expertise and strong client base that includes over 700 ‘Fortune 500′ firms and major entertainment companies.

Edge Rank Checker will continue to be offered as a separate product to almost a million monthly visitors to Socialbakers’ website, and will be provided as a module in future releases of Socialbakers Analytics. The ERC personnel will also be joining Socialbakers’ team in the US.

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80% of Arab world unbanked, promises huge growth for e-payments

MENApayfort-raporWhile the internet penetration and e-payment rates are relatively low in the Arabic-speaking world, online shopping has been showing remarkable growth thanks to increasing credit card penetration and high percentage of the youth in total population. Fueled further by internet penetration of over 35% and over 30 million online shoppers, the e-commerce grew by 45% in 2013.

According to a report released by Payfort during ArabNet Digital Summit 2014, an online payment provider in the Arab region, e-commerce volumes are expected to continue rising in next three years as a result of increased internet and credit card penetration in markets such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt, where only 14% and 4% of the population are transacting online.

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Africa, India, the Middle East will lead the mobile boom in next 5 years

ericsson-mobility-coverThe world is already very close to reaching 100% penetration in mobile connection, according to Ericsson’s sixth Mobility Report. It says there were 6.8 billion mobile lines globally in Q1 2014, or 9.3 mobile lines for every 10 people, and it is growing fast mainly thanks to the boom in sales in Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. By the end of this year or  in early 2015, the number of mobile lines is expected to surpass world’s population.

The Report says that new mobile subscriptions was around 5 million in Europe and North America in Q1 whereas Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East contributed more than 96 million in the same period. The boom in mobile subscriptions in said regions is partly driven by the availability of smartphones that cost less than 100 dollars per piece.

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Digital ad spending booms in Europe, with Russia and Turkey showing highest growth

digital-europeDigital advertising market in Europe seems pretty confident in contrast to other sectors’ timidity in spending. Latest IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) report shows that the digital ad spendings have boomed in 2013, rising 11.9% to €27.3 billion ($36.4 billion). Mobile advertising, though, showed the most dramatic growth with 128.5%.

As a result of the incredible growth, mobile ad spendings has for the first time reached double-digit figures, making 11.5% of all digital ad expenditures in Europe. Another first is that the ad investments in online video has surpassed €1 billion mark, totaling €1.19 billion.

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Spotify hits 10M paying subscribers, 40M active users

spotify-celebrate-10millionMusic streaming service Spotify has released new numbers that confirm its leadership position in the extremely competitive global music market. It claims that it has now over 40 million active users, 10 million of whom are actually paying for the service. It has expanded to additional 36 markets in 2013, bringing the total to 56 as of today.

According to the announcement, Eminem has been the most streamed artist of all time, and ‘Wake Me Up’ by Avicii is the most streamed song on Spotify. Since its launch in 2008, Spotify has driven over $1 billion dollars to rights holders.

Users have created over 1.5 billion playlists in total so far, collectively creating or updating over 5 million playlists each day on the Swedish-born platform. “We’ve had an amazing year, growing from 20 markets to 56 as people from around the world embrace streaming music. 10 million subscribers is an important milestone for both Spotify and the entire music industry,” said Daniel Ek, CEO and Founder of Spotify.

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Smartphone penetration leaps in oil-rich parts of MEA, still low region wide

smartphone-webrazzi-meaTwo different researches revealed that the smartphone penetration in the Middle East and Africa has leapt this year, mainly due to significant rise in oil-rich countries. Lebanon, which is not in this category, show the most impressive growth though, almost doubling the penetration of smartphones in the country from 36% to 63% within a year.

According to Ipsos MediaCT predictions, penetration was highest in Saudi Arabia (79%) and the United Arab Emirates (72%) in 2013. Egypt, on the other hand, has the lowest penetration figure among the researched countries, with 6% of the population using a smartphone in 2013, up just 1 percentage point from 2012.

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