Digital ad spending booms in Europe, with Russia and Turkey showing highest growth

digital-europeDigital advertising market in Europe seems pretty confident in contrast to other sectors’ timidity in spending. Latest IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) report shows that the digital ad spendings have boomed in 2013, rising 11.9% to €27.3 billion ($36.4 billion). Mobile advertising, though, showed the most dramatic growth with 128.5%.

As a result of the incredible growth, mobile ad spendings has for the first time reached double-digit figures, making 11.5% of all digital ad expenditures in Europe. Another first is that the ad investments in online video has surpassed €1 billion mark, totaling €1.19 billion.

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Will the next adtech video champion come from Europe?

Hervé Brunet, the writer of this guest post, is the CEO and co-founder of Paris-based StickyADStv, a leading video ads platform and marketplace in France.

stickyADStv-adtechAdtech companies are getting traction these days. The successful introduction of Criteo onto the Nasdaq, followed by the introduction of Rubicon Project onto the NYSE, are great news since investors had shown little interest in adtech IPOs until very recently. In fact, many newly introduced adtech companies suffered spectacular stock depreciation shortly after their launch. For the record, YuMe and Tremor Video received mixed market feedback with falls of up to 70% of their value.

In light of this, the French market has good reasons to be proud of the recent merger of eBuzzing and Teads. The merger gave birth to a new French Tech challenger that is seeking to go public onto the Nasdaq in 2015. It has become clear that the video advertising market is the most dynamic segment of the advertising market. The countdown has now started for a time of large-scale operations.

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Axel Springer acquires Israel’s leading classifieds portal Yad2 for €165M

Yad2-axelAxel Springer Digital Classifieds, a joint venture founded by Axel Springer and General Atlantic, announced that it has agreed to acquire Coral-Tell Ltd., the owner of Israel’s leading classifieds portal yad2, from Walla!. According to the deal, 100% of Coral-Tell’s stocks will be transferred to ASDC for a price of €165 million.

Founded in 2005, Tel Aviv-based yad2 leads the Israeli classifieds market, and says about 10,000 property and other small classifieds are placed on the site every day. It has now 100 employees led by CEO Yavin Gill More.

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Digital advertising grows 37% a year in MENA, to reach $1B by 2017

digital-adsDigital ad spending has become the fastest growing segment in the marcom and ads sectors in the Middle East and North Africa, largely thanks to increasingly adaptive young majority in the population. A study has revealed that the ad sector is transforming very quickly in the region and is estimated to grow by 37% each year to reach $1 billion as of 2017. It’s paralleled closely with the global growth in digital advertising which is expected to increase by 5.5% this year to $537 billion.

Mobile ad spendings, on the other hand, are growing slower in the MENA. Globally it grew 105% in 2013 reaching $31.5 billion. Mobile ad spends in MENA has increased by 58%, from $50 million in 2012 to $85 million this year. However, it is one segment which is predicted to be growing steadily for many years to come as the markets are still far from mobile saturation point and the young and free-minded users are already shifting to digital for a better connection with the world.

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Yandex and Google agree to share RTB platforms to better control Russian ad market

google-yandex-logoRussian internet giant Yandex, who signed Facebook mid-January to expand its indexed and real-time search content, announced yesterday that it now will cooperate with Google in sharing their RTB ad platforms and inventories. The agreement will cover only display advertising, not the text-based contextual ones, according to the press release.

Through Google’s subsidiary DoubleClick, the company’s advertising clients will now have access to one of Russia’s largest advertising inventories offered by publishers in Yandex’s Advertising Network. Advertising clients of Yandex, on the other hand, will be able to bid for ad displays in the global inventory of DoubleClick AdExchange partners.

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Twitter brand pages go online in Turkey

Twitter brand pages have gone online in Turkey, with Turkcell being the first Turkish company to take place on brand pages. Twitter use bears much importance for brands, and it started last December with 21 giant companies (being Twitter’s partners at first) taking place on brand pages including Coca-Cola, American Express, Dell, McDonalds, Intel and General Electric.

Turkcell switched to brand pages and supported a civil society initiative, which is a very positive contribution. Turkcell placed the motto “Do you have 5 liras for Van?” as soon as it switched to brand pages, asking for support for Turkey Moneybox to help Van.

Influential press members in addition to brands use twitter’s brand pages, and the first to have this kind of page has been M. Serdar Kuzuloğlu a short while ago.

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41? 29!’s majority shares acquired by WPP

There has been a lot of talking about the growth of Turkish internet industry at DLD 12 and we heard from many major players of the sector that the market will get more investment, but we did think we would receive news this fast. Majority stake of 41? 29!, digital media agency which attended in Digital Bosphorus session, were acquired by WPP.

WPP stepped into marketing in 1986 and it is one of the leading marketing communications companies today. WPP has offices in 9 countries including China and India, and with this recent development, it now has an Office in Istanbul

41? 29! was founded by Alemşah Öztürk, Bora Akman and Ömer Ersoy, and the agency caught attention with particularly digital media campaigns. Arda Kutsal got the news confirmed by Alemşah Öztürk at DLD, and soon it was announced on WPP’s website.

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Germany Based Ballroom International Network Acquires Reklamz, Linkz and SEM A.Ş.

Reklamz, one of the leading Turkish advertising networks, has been acquired by Germany-based Ballroom International Network. The acquisition a contract included its sister companies Linkz and SEM A.Ş.

Ballroom International included Reklamz, Vidyoda, SEM and Linkz to its network after acquiring all sister companies, which offer advertising and digital services, and updated its website as necessary. You can see Ballroom International’s networks and partners here.

While we do not have confirmed info about the amount of this acquisition, we do have some hearsay information and we are trying to have those confirmed.

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Germany Based Ballroom International Network Acquires Reklamz, Linkz and SEM A.Ş.

One of the leading advertising networks in Turkey, Reklamz, was acquired by Germany-based Ballroom International Network with a contract that included its sister companies Linkz and SEM A.Ş.

Ballroom International bought the entire sister companies offering advertising and digital services, and included Reklamz, Vidyoda, SEM and Linkz to its network, while updating its website as necessary. You can reach networks and partners of Ballroom International at this link.

We do not have information about the amount, but we do have some hearsay information and we are trying to have them confirmed.

As per the contract, Turkish partners of Reklamz, Linkz and SEM A.Ş. have acquired 10 percent of Ballroom International, and thus partnered in this operation and long-term partnership.

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Turkcell’s gnctrkcll is the First Turkish Brand to Use Twitter Advertising

If you log in on Twitter via Web, you will see that gnctrkcll, the youth platform of Turkcell, is now a sponsored account under Who To Follow on Twitter.

Promoted Accounts is one of the advertising models of Twitter still in Beta and Turkcell is the first Turkish company to use Twitter ads.

This campaign will continue with Promoted Tweets and the second stage is going to be on during the evening hours. In this campaign, certain tweets by gnctrkcll account will be visible as the top search results when searched with related key words on Twitter and will be directly visible as Sponsored in the timeline on the main page of the target audience.

Turkcell, as the first Turkish company to use Twitter advertising, is aiming to increase the number of its followers on Twitter and inform the users about the different gnctrkcll rates and campaigns.

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