Turkey’s broadband nearly makes it in the internet global ranking

Another study on the number of broadband internet subscriptions has been published. The study reveals that total number of broadband internet subscribers in the world has shown a slight increase, reaching as high as 600 million.

Turkey is not in the top 10 list, but Information Technologies and Communications Foundation (BTK) figures show that Turkey has increased number of subscriptions by nearly 1.5 million between 3rd and 4th quarters, and will probably be in the top ten list in the second or third.

Point Topic, research company which leads studies on Internet usage in the world, has revealed that the number of broadband internet subscribers in the world has reached 581 million in the 3rd quarter of 2011. While there is an increase by 3 percent compared to the previous quarter, there has been a growth of 12 percent compared to the same period last year.

Turkey was not on the list of top 10 countries with the most number of broadband subscribers, but BTK 2011 3rd Quarter data reveal that Turkey reached 12.7 million broadband subscribers. This means there is a growth of 16 percent compared to the same period of last year. Tayfun Acarer, Head of BTK, says the number of broadband subscribers in Turkey is expected to reach 13 million. If this comes true, Turkey will follow Italy with 13.6 million subscribers on the list.

While China comes first with 152 million broadband subscribers in the world, States is the 2nd with 90 million subscribers and it is followed by Japan, with 35 million subscribers.

Looking at the figures by continents, Asia has the most number of broadband subscriptions with the support of China and Japan. Asian countries have a percentage of 42 in the world’s broadband pie. Tot246al number of subscribers in Asia has reached 246 million with 4 percent growth compared to last quarter. While Europe is the 2rd on the list with 173 million broadband subscribers, States is the 3rd with 144 million subscribers.

Broadband connections are mostly provided by satellite and mobile. 61.5 percent of the broadband subscribers in the world use satellite and mobile connection. They are followed by cable modem with 19.5 percent. DSL, digital subscription line which has the most number of connections in Turkey has a percentage of 13.5.

You can see detailed tables of the survey below.

List of countries by number of Broadband internet subscriptions:

List of continents by number of Broadband internet subscriptions:

Broadband internet line types:

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