Hazinem Pırlanta: Major Investors Invest in Diamond

Emre Kurttepeli mentioned about his interest in vertical e-trading in this year’s Webrazzi Agenda E-commerce Meeting, and he confirmed this interest once again. A fresh startup, Hazinem Pırlanta A.Ş., is the new vertical e-trading investment with its experienced management team and major investors, including Emre Kurttepeli.

The startup will be offering diamond ring, necklace, bracelet, and earrings sale on the internet and offering its services at Hazinem.com.

Hazinem.com gets online today, so you can have a look at it now, or read about the details of the company below.

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Foursquare Gives Special Badge to Istanbul

Last week we wrote that Foursquare has reached 15 million users, and the number of its members continues to rise rapidly. Foursquare puts its users in a race with its badges, and receives very nice feedbacks with its special badges and encourages Foursquare usage.

Foursquare used to work with its partners, and create special badges for them to encourage its use. Some of them that first come to my mind are American Red Cross badge that are exclusively given to people who check-in to blood donation centers in the US and donate blood, and NASA Explorer badge which an astronaut first received upon making check-in to the space; of course you don’t need to check-in to the space to receive it, you can have it on visiting some museums and space centers of NASA.

Foursquare began to work on some special items for cities. City badges can be received by checking in specific places of a city. First Windy City badge was for Chicago. Then La Ville-Lumière badge for Paris; London Calling badge for London and Bosphorus Badge for Istanbul!

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Germany Based Ballroom International Network Acquires Reklamz, Linkz and SEM A.Ş.

Reklamz, one of the leading Turkish advertising networks, has been acquired by Germany-based Ballroom International Network. The acquisition a contract included its sister companies Linkz and SEM A.Ş.

Ballroom International included Reklamz, Vidyoda, SEM and Linkz to its network after acquiring all sister companies, which offer advertising and digital services, and updated its website as necessary. You can see Ballroom International’s networks and partners here.

While we do not have confirmed info about the amount of this acquisition, we do have some hearsay information and we are trying to have those confirmed.

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CubeCDN: Owners of Mackolik Invest in CDN Technology

Content Distribution Network (CDN) technology is one of the major steps to address the needs of today’s web hosting industry. Particularly large web sites’ contents are hosted in servers that are in various physical locations and connected using CDN, gaining advantage in terms of security, traffic managements and speed.

CDN technology bears a major importance for recent popular concept, cloud, while its use is getting more and more popular and is attracting investors at the same time.

Latest example of this is CubeCDN. Started by Kerem Copcu and Yaşar Semih Alev and developed since 2011, CubeCDN is ready to make 15 Gbps data transfer. The start-up received investment from Erdem Yurdanur and Tarkan Onar, from Kokteyl group and owner of Maçkolik and MarkMost and has started to operate under the name CDN A.Ş.

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Amazon Takes the First Step Into the Turkish Market with CicekSepeti.com!

We are sharing one of the most important news about Turkish internet market in 2011 with you now!

World’s e-commerce giant Amazon has finally taken its position in Turkish market as expected and took its first step into Turkish market as the minority shareholder of CicekSepeti.com.

As we have learned, contract process that was being handled in the strictest confidence between Amazon ve CicekSepeti, has been finalized and official process about Amazon’s investment has started.

I have talked to CicekSepeti.com founder Emre Aydın, who also confirmed the agreement.

Update: Press release has been published. You can find whole text at the end of the article.

Update 2: TechCrunch published an article about it.

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Visitor Numbers for Private Shopping Websites in October by comScore

Private shopping market has been achieving a steady growth compared to group shopping market, and we thought taking a closer look to this market would be fine. So we requested October data from comScore. The data below reveals that the market is developing steadily.

Private shopping market has achieved serious growth in terms of not only penetration, but also turnover figures. We will publish a detailed article on this issue later on.

I want to remind you here that below list is made up from comScore measurement for private shopping websites, which means that these do not show the turnovers of companies. comScore’s October data for private shopping websites reveal that Markafoni has achieved 300 percent growth and is the 1st on the list with its total unique visitor number. The company is aiming to be a brand of 1 billion dollars in 3 years, and it reached 3.34 million unique visitors in October.

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Luxybox.com: Çağlar Erol Invests in Birchbox “Box” Model

Personal care product, cosmetics and perfume industries bear very big opportunities in e-trading world, which is dominated by women and attract both users and investors as a result. Lately the industry has inspired e-trading start-ups as the investment Balerin.com  has received, and took it a step further with Markafoni’s sister company MissPera.

As the driving force of the industry increased with “box” model which empowered with Birchbox.com in the US, a second wave of Groupon was created and this wave also hit Turkey.

Following VanilyaClub and LilaKutu, GlossyBox appeared in Turkish market with Rocket Internet and began to add more power to box sector. Now LuxyBox.com is getting ready to take a step into this market.

LuxyBox’s shareholders include İlker Üstüner (45%) and Gökhan Çakır (30%) as major shareholders. And there is a major name among founders/investors, which is Çağlar Erol, founder of Cember.net which was sold for 4.36 million Euros to XING.

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Germany Based Ballroom International Network Acquires Reklamz, Linkz and SEM A.Ş.

One of the leading advertising networks in Turkey, Reklamz, was acquired by Germany-based Ballroom International Network with a contract that included its sister companies Linkz and SEM A.Ş.

Ballroom International bought the entire sister companies offering advertising and digital services, and included Reklamz, Vidyoda, SEM and Linkz to its network, while updating its website as necessary. You can reach networks and partners of Ballroom International at this link.

We do not have information about the amount, but we do have some hearsay information and we are trying to have them confirmed.

As per the contract, Turkish partners of Reklamz, Linkz and SEM A.Ş. have acquired 10 percent of Ballroom International, and thus partnered in this operation and long-term partnership.

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eCift.com Gets 3 M Euros from 3TS Capital

eÇift is a “serious relationship website” which was founded by sevenload founders Tamer and Akgün Kulmaç and Janset Çelik, and it has received a new investment. 3TS Capital is the 2009 December-born service’s 2. investor, following BrainsToVentures.

3TS Capital Partners invests in companies based in Central and Eastern Europe, and the company has made an investment of 3 million Euros in Elit Teknoloji Anonim Şirketi that owns eCift.com and has become a minority shareholder. 3TS Capital Partners has made this investment under the name Teknoloji Fonu S.C.A. SICAR* within the framework of the cooperation it has made with Istanbul Venture Capital Initiative (iVCi), which provides funds to capitals that are interested in Turkey.

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Tamindir.com Renews and Gets More Powerful

Devrim Demirel, founder of Beriltech, had invested in Tamindir.com, one of the most popular program download websites in Turkey, and given the news of upcoming developments. Tamindir.com caught attention with its recent news a short while ago, and we have gained some information from Devrim Demirel about them.

Tamindir.com, with its founder Caner Bayraktar, is a small and happy team which has been developing and growing since 2004. The platform of this service was coded from scratch in 2011, which has become its best user interface ever. The details of this successful interface are hidden in the steps Tamindir.com took for its contents.

Tamindir has renewed its content and business model, along with its design, while it has also added a blog including a video, mobile and web applications part and tech news. Its  gaming page, which is not enabled for now, will surely be an important source for large amount of traffic.

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