How Many Turkish FriendFeed Users Are There?

ff-logoAs social media increases its popularity, one of the questions I hear most is “How many Turkish FriendFeed users are there?”… Sometimes this question is directed at me, while I see it in discussions about FriendFeed at times. A large number of users refer to FFholic for the answer, without knowing its owner, or give link to data I share on FrendFeed.

Firstly, I’d like to clarify that, FFholic (or you can call it FriendFeedHolic ) is a service that I cofounded, meaning it is not foreign and 100% Turkish capital.

We’ll be publishing a detailed and global report concerning FrendFeed in the coming days. But before that, I wanted to clarify this issue of the number of Turkish FriendFeed users that is being widely talked about.

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Webrazzi is Just in the Middle of Social Media!

While I was having a look at Google Trends data today, I saw two interesting and pleasing data. According to this data, Webrazzi is one of the most visited websites visited by people who visit FriendFeed in Turkey (see Also Visited).

ff webrazzi

For Twitter, Webrazzi is the second of the websites visited the most. It is not hard to see the website that topped in the list did so due to its domain name and the article Arda wrote for Webrazzi.

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notebook platformu logoNotebook Platformu is a service with the aim of gathering all laptop users under a single roof. Established in 2007 and been fully active for only one year, Notebook Platformu has 58 thousand members. The service is the newest initiative of Hayal Akademisi, which realized Kulüp Vaio project, is based on a similar but wider concept this time.

There are some other web sites such as and Sadece Notebook which aim to provide the most appropriate information to Turkish Internet users who plan to buy laptops. However, what I find most interesting is the earnings model of Notebook Platformu, as it makes projects to brands under sub domain names creating joint ventures in addition to usual advertising-marketing model. A classic example to this is the address These sub domain names are created in accordance with the corporate identities of the brand names and the contents are provided by the brands as well. Notebook Platfomu has already managed to add Turkcell and Intel to its joint venture portfolio.

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93 Percent of Turkish Internet Users Googled in September!

comScore released a new report concerning Internet usage in Turkey based on September data. According to this report, than 19.7 million people age 15 and older accessed the Internet from a home or work location in Turkey during the month, viewing an average of 3,070 pages of content and spending an average of 31.6 hours per person online

The report reveals that Google Sites was the most popular property in Turkey in September with 18.4 million visitors, reaching 93.0 percent of the total online population, followed Microsoft Sites with 17.6 million visitors. ranked third with 16.1 million visitors, having grown 26 percent in just the past six months.

comScore’s figures of 6 months earlier shows the increase in the tendency of Turkish internet users towards social networking.  Just six months ago, social networking accounted for 9 percent of total time spent online in Turkey, but in September social networking represented 15 percent of all time spent online.

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Miaposta: Life Guide with One E-mail a Day

mialogoGone online in May 2009 with the motto “Lifeguide for urban women”, Miaposta is a service that shares content that may interest its members via sending them one e-mail a day. This service has sped up its growth with the huge awareness it has created among Internet users.

The founders of this initiative are Etel Ozsarfati, with MBA degree on Finance at London School of Economics and Hande Oynar, with journalism MBS at Columbia University in New York. The number of members the service has is 7500 as of today.

The concept has reflected on its member profile, as 90 percent of the members are women, while 85 percent are over 25. The service works like a e-mail account of a fictional character Mia, and 148 short but useful contents have been sent to members from this account until today.

I am sure some of you have heard Daily Candy, which works with the same model and is globally very popular. Miaposta aims to provide exclusive content for each city one day like Daily Candy that has 12 different contents for 12 cities, even the Istanbul phrase on its logo is a sign of this goal.

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Minister Binali Yildirim’s Reaction to Google Tax Issue

google_logoAs we have mentioned in the previous article, Webstar Turkey awards took place with Minister of Transport Binali Yildirim’s address to the audience. Yildirim’s speech lasted for half an hour and he made striking comments on Google’s tax issue. In the awards ceremony, Yildirim underlined without naming Google that tax penalty of 71 million Turkish liras issued to Google was fair, and made the below statement:

Binali_Yildirim“It does not matter for us if a company is large or small. There are laws and regulations in this country and one cannot acquire illegally here. They are making a fuss because we have blocked their website. In some platforms, people are publicizing that the government does not know about these things. It is totally false. There are two people in the world that haven’t been brought to heels, and one of them are Turks. Therefore, if you are here, you should obey the rules. We do not want to be treated differently, just do what you do in Israel. I feel very aggrieved at this issue, that’s why I brought this topic up.”

Tayfun Acarer, Chairman of Information Technologies and Communications Authority, made a speech at the ceremony, saying that they have started to work on a homemade search engine, but did not give any details concerning the issue.

Minister Binali Yildirim told “We support every activity that aims to make an asset with effort. Our doors are open to the young, and we have our money, as well as our laws. We have all we need. We are going to make an announcement soon.”

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Whispurr: Micro-Whispering Service

whispurrWe have started to see new models on micro blogging in Turkey and worldwide following Twitter. One of these is Whispurr, a new micro blogging service that seems more functional with its features and targets.

The service, which gets its name from the verb whisper, is trying to make micro blogging a more active and efficient activity. Whispurr lets you post private and general messages limited to 300 characters and share your videos up to 30 seconds. The project uses its own url shortening service, and its API’s are not open yet still will be available soon.

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A New Guide to Activities and Places: Aktifite.Net

aktifite-logoCreated combining “aktif” (active) and “aktivite” (activity), Aktifite is a social platform that is still in private beta. The initiative is very new yet, and the service lets its users find the information on activities easily and fast with the network built around activities, places and artists. Aktifite calls itself “an activity agenda”.

While it supports its users to share content with the site’s scoring system, also plans to provide its members with some advantages, such as free tickets to activities with the points they get.

The service is in private beta for the time being, since it aims to get feedback from its users within this period, in addition to making a start with a quality member profile. The owners of the initiative have sent us 100 private beta invitations, considering that Webrazzi readers’ comments are very valuable at this step.

If you want to try with one of the 100 invitations exclusive for Webrazzi readers, sign up at

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oDesk Exceeds $100 Million… We Want a Freelancer Website in Turkey!

odesk-sayacoDesk, one of the websites bringing freelancers and project owners together, exceeded the limit with the economy it has created. oConomy counter has been counting the amount of money that is paid and received for the projects completed since the website was launched and it has exceeded $100 million.

The website has a wide range of ads that include mostly software development projects, ranging from blog writing, web research, translation and even accountancy. The website allows members to post job ads if they want to hire freelancers and evaluate the applicants’ qualifications using the tests on the web site, and the service also provides a decent platform for freelancers.  In Turkey, there are 381 freelancers going after projects via oDesk.

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For Those Who Think About Football 24/7: is a website for Internet users who think about football 24 hours a day. It provides social and content sharing service for football fans. This start-up which was launched a short while ago, has more than 15 thousand members in the first month. lets its users make their own tribune groups, and goes beyond usual social network features by sharing the statistics on game scores and every relevant subject concerning football with its members.

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